As part of our first year Games module, we were tasked with drafting a creative take on original Asteroids concept, fully utilising our, at the time, newly acquired Python knowledge. Over the course of this project, we learnt many valuable lessons regarding how to best implement a gameplay loop, object lists, and various useful design patterns, as well as my first exposure to using a window and inputs library, in this case, CodeSkulptor’s proprietary simpleGUI library.

In the final week of this particular team project, we were asked by our lecturer to each add something to our projects that would make them unique from the rest. For us, we decided, that meant including our lecturer in the game, both in the soundtrack and as the final boss upon hitting a certain score ceiling.

While nowadays, when I am forced to look back at early-days projects such as this, i find myself recoiling in horror, at the time this was a rather critical module for me. Not only did it teach me some of the core essentials of game development, but also reiterated to me just how desperately I wanted take these skills that I’d learnt into a career in game development upon completing my degree.

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