This was a small-scale game that I decided to make over the course of a couple of days, with the primary goal being to further familiarise myself with the Unity environment and how the various systems interact. Before beginning this project, I had only made one game previously in Unity, or in C# at all for that matter, with that being the one that is eventually constructed over the course of Unity’s Roll-a-Ball tutorial, the results of which can be seen here:

ezgif.com-video-to-gifRoll-a-Ball: Play here!

After completing this initial project, I felt I needed a more challenging project to test the limits of my knowledge when it came to the Unity editor, C#, and the Unity library. In an unrelated search for learning resources regarding the unity editor, I stumbled across a youtube channel, Brackeys, which I found helped to build confidence with the editor through bite-sized tutorials on eclectic subjects. After browsing this channel for a while, I discovered a short series of videos he had produced on making a somewhat more advanced game than previously shown in the tutorials produced by Unity.

While following the tutorials, I spotted various opportunities which I could develop more and thus improve on the original project. What I ultimately produced was a more developed than what was initially shown in the tutorials, with a PlayerPrefs variable being used to save the players high-score, multiple levels to the game, a main menu, and a final/credits screen with the ability to quit the program if desired.

Overall, I am rather proud of the outcome, given that this was a project of limited scope, which I ultimately completed without much in the way of problems. I also found that both the documentation, communities surrounding the engine, and those discussing Unity’s libraries to be incredibly encouraging. As a result, I now feel far far more confident in taking on a project completely on my own. Please see below for the final result, SPEED³:

ezgif.com-video-to-gif (2)Speed³: Play here!

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