Tanks 2!

As part of a job application for a games programmer role, I was tasked with following a specification that was given to me to build upon the unity project created in this tutorial. In said spec, I was given a number of tasks, which ranged from very simple (such as limiting the maximum size of the game’s camera so that world boundaries weren’t shown), to … Continue reading Tanks 2!


This was a small-scale game that I decided to make over the course of a couple of days, with the primary goal being to further familiarise myself with the Unity environment and how the various systems interact. Before beginning this project, I had only made one game previously in Unity, or in C# at all for that matter, with that being the one that is … Continue reading SPEED³


I initially began work on this project around mid-November 2017, when I was looking for a way to explore game development on a more low-level programming language, specifically C++. While I’d previously followed some tutorials on the language, such as “Learn C++ in 21 days” by Jesse Liberty, and making a handful of games using the Ncurses library, I’d never previously looked into making a … Continue reading Skᵧ-ᴰiver

A Tower Defence game in Linux

Since the age of 4, when my father first introduced me to video games as a medium, my passion for games, and in more recent years, game development has continued to grow. Therefore, I was thrilled when the opportunity came to develop a game in my final year at University. My dissertation title was “Tower Defence game in a Linux environment” and, given that the … Continue reading A Tower Defence game in Linux